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Third Planet 7DRL Starting Out

I completed my 7DRL last night. It is called Third Planet. This is my first time in the challenge and the second game I have ever completed. I was inspired by all of the great entries in 2013. I am looking forward to seeing what everyone accomplished this year. From what I have seen so far there were some awesome games created this week.

I wanted Third Planet to be a tactical space shooter where you race across the galaxy through asteroids and nebulas. Of course there has to be a driving force and enemy so you are being pursued by aliens determined to destroy you. You are trying to make it to the Third Planet.

I tried a control scheme where you have momentum. It felt wrong to just turn on a dime in space like you would in a dungeon. This might feel a bit awkward at first but I found it worked well in the context. It means you have to plan ahead a little to maneuver.

It has an energy resource system that governs laser fire and the ability to boost your speed beyond normal. It is pretty generous but I found that it helps balance overuse of those two options. I didn’t want to remove speed because I thought it was fun to escape a near collision with a burst of speed. It also helps shake pesky aliens.

I tried to keep in the spirit of procedural level generation using nebula. You can fly through the nebula but it limits your field of vision which makes it more risky. I have encountered many asteroids by surprise in there. I have variable level content so you will not see the same sector twice.

I would appreciate any feedback you have about the game.  It requires Java to run. You can find it here:


2 thoughts on “Third Planet – Success”

  1. It was quite difficult to evade the little ships the mother ship sent out. Especially since the strategy I typically took was to make a beeline towards the top of the map and that resulted in the view compressing. Given how many asteroids there are it would have been really cool if the enemy ships had some predictable follow AI you could use to trick them into crashing into the asteroids. I would have loved to help out those peeps but I just found it a bit too tough to progress.

  2. Thanks for the feedback! The difficulty curve was a challenge since I didn’t want it to be dull in the early levels. Perhaps I overcompensated.

    Was the compressed view because you were in a nebula (gray tiles) or was there something weird with the display?

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