Yōkai’s a modular  board game for 2 player.

You can download the game here : http://sectordub.itch.io/yokai


My challenge was to do a modular roguelike board game .

The hardest thing for me during this week was to simplify the rules to balance the gameplay.

My first prototype was with square tiles, but it was not really working, the game was to slow, too static.


It’s a success because the random shape of the modular board is really working nicely. You need a lot of tactic and strategy to win.

Each choice you do, or the other player does , really got a great impact in the outcome of the game.

And what really surprise me , is the fact that the game is challenging and fun.

This game is inspired by “Hive” by John Yianni, “Zaga 33” by Michael Brough and the Hnefatafl board game.




Any feedback or ideas to improve the game are welcome : sectordub@hotmail.com









4 thoughts on “Yokai: SUCCESS”

  1. I read through the rules once, the game looks intriguing. I liked the rule about how moved pieces must be possible to physically slide to their new destination. A few things I found unclear, though:

    First, a nit-pick. It says that “[the] player who has the biggest hand goes first”, but don’t both players start out with eleven pieces, including the king?

    I also didn’t quite understand how capturing works. By jumping over an enemy piece (without “breaking the wood” (also, is “wood” a pun on the giant testicles of tanuki ;))? You are precise about some of the conditions, but I don’t get the basic mechanism of how capturing is done.

    Is the Kitsune allowed to move exactly two spaces and end its turn?

    It might be nice with maybe a few more red markers for illegal moves in the diagrams?

    I’ll see if I can try it out soon.

    As always,

    1. Hello,
      I´ll try to explain a little bit better the rules :
      “[the] player who has the biggest hand goes first”
      ( I was referring to the physical hand of both player, not the number of tiles)

      To capture , you need to be able to jump over the opponent piece, without breaking the Wood ( the board game).

      The kitsune is allow to perform 3 action per turn. ( 3 move or 2 move and capture).

      I´ll try to update the rules book asap.

      About the red marker, everything who is not green, is red.

      Thanks for playing.

      1. “The kitsune is allow to perform 3 action per turn. ( 3 move or 2 move and capture).”

        But must it always use all 3 actions, or can it use 3 or less? Sorry for being a bit stupid 🙂

        As always,

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