Colorshift 7DRL – Doneish

Phew!  The week is over and I have something playable and bug filled.  I thought that I would get quite a bit farther along than I did.  That part of it surprised me, and I was amazingly humbled by what some of the other roguelikes looked like after the first day or two.

I wrote in Python using libtcod and a ton of borrowing of ideas (and occasionally code) from the Complete Roguelike Tutorial (,_using_python%2Blibtcod).  I started by using some old prototype code I wrote as a reference, but I didn’t do any copying and pasting from that.  I think if I had just reused that code, or started by using the tutorial code that things would have progressed much faster.  I don’t think that my planned scope was the issue with completion.

I had a lot of fun with this project, and I learned some things about Python in the process.  I think if I try this next year I’ll try Unity or something and take the week off from work to try and come up with something better or more complete.

And now, some relaxation with Warcraft or Kerbal Space Program.

colorshift – libtcod and Python 2.7 are needed to run this thing.

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