Eden Sector

To anyone who downloaded Eden Sector within the first hours of my announcement, please re-download. You may have noticed a little bug where you can’t actually die on planets. I always download my files and play them to make sure they work, but I was just buzzing through it…

I was in bed for 5 minutes when I realized why that disease didn’t kill me. I uploaded the wrong zip. They’re all called “Eden Sector!” The final code was still in the editor. I re-compiled, and put just the byte code into the existing downloads.

Phew! Ok, 7DRL, I am totally done with you for this year!

So Seriously, Eden Sector


2 thoughts on “Eden Sector”

  1. Hello. On my 64-bit windows 8 the game doesn’t react on mouse.
    I tried the demo of AI, and it’s the same.
    I tried to turn on compatibility mode, both win7 and winxp.
    No improvements.

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