Loot Rogue [Success!]

Download: Loot Rogue

I was too tired last night to post anything, but I’ve finally finished my first 7drl. Loot Rogue puts you in an arena filled with enemies. After each round you are given a new random item and are teleported back to the center of the arena. I can gladly say it was a success. I was having a lot of problems with enemy ai and path-finding but I finally created a system where the enemies take the shortest path to the hero even if that means attacking other enemies. It actually turned out to be quite interesting. I had planned on implementing a lot more features but several days were lost to real life 🙁 I was going to give more enemies unique abilities and the hero more rings/spells. Creating Loot Rogue was a great experience and I plan on participating in more future 7drls. Congratulations to everyone else on your fantastic roguelikes aswell!


After a long night at the local pub you wake up with a
bruised head and no idea where you are. Someone shouts,
“He’s awake!” and suddenly your world is filled with crazed
applause and blinding lights. Your captors force you upright
and hand you two sharp knives. When your eyes finally
adjust you see several aggressive shapes rushing into the
tightly packed arena to greet you.

Download: Loot Rogue

P.s. Does anyone know if there’s a way to see how many people downloaded your roguelike (if you uploaded it to this site). Thanks!

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