Necromancer Simulator 2014 – Failure

Necromancer Simulator 2014 was supposed to be a game where you can sneak into villages, kill its citizens and turn them into zombies. You’d live in a tower, which you can upgrade to make yourself and your zombies stronger. Once you had a large number of zombies, you could siege the king’s castle, kill the king and conquer the kingdom.

The game was close to being finished, but it was missing some core features, so our team considers it a failure. Real life took too much time last week and we weren’t able to efficiently work on the game. Right now it’s somewhat playable, but you can’t die or fight the villagers directly. You can only watch as your zombies slaughter the villagers and then you can turn them into new zombies. The player has fireball, drain life and forcebolt spells, but we didn’t implement targeting system, so you can’t actually cast them. The game has a static world map where you can walk around and enter any village. We didn’t have time to implement the tower upgrades or finish the king’s castle.

We made the game in Haskell and it used OpenGL to draw a window which can display characters that have two colors. For example a tree could blend from green to dark green, or a mountain could be white at the top and dark grey at bottom.

The game is somewhat playable, but you can’t win or lose. You can download and try it at its current state here. The source code is available on Github.

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