Powerslave – Success!

Hi all,

I finished the core mechanics, but I had to leave a lot of features 🙁

Anyway, since last update:

  • Preloader now looks like loading a game in ZX Spectrum (for nostalgy)
  • Store at the end of each floor
  • New enemy (spider)
  • Two first levels are easier
  • More SFX
  • Permadeath/Permagold

Powerslave is a rogue like inspired in the games I played when I was a child in my ZX Spectrum. It tries to mix ZX Spectrum games’ gameplay (like those from Ultimate Play The Game) with Roguelike elements.

In Powerslave you are pharaon that is buried alive in the top of a Pyramid. You must escape alive from the Pyramid. Find the keys (if neccesary) and the the Exit in each floor. Avoid or kill enemies.

  • Use cursor keys to move
  • Use Z to shoot (you need to buy magic to shoot)
  • Use TAB to toggle minimap (you need to buy the map for each level)

Play it here (requires Flash 12+)

I couldn’t implement:

  • Bosses
  • More sprites
  • New BGM


I’m tired….

Good luck to all.

To check my progress log: http://7drl.org/author/jfroco/

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