Spaaaaaaace! – Close, but not quite there.

Although we got quite a ways, the game is definitely not what I’d call “finished”. We have a lot of systems in place but didn’t have time for things like tuning combat and world generation or randomizing weapon/enemy/item stats like I had hoped we would. I’m still pretty proud of what was put together, it was built almost entirely from scratch in Unity3D and was the first project using Unity3D that I’ve gotten this far along in development.

I’m posting a link to a Mac build today and will update with a Windows build in the morning once I can get to a PC to build it with.

download osx binary

Had a great time, and already looking forward to doing it again!


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  1. As promised, the windows build is now available here.

    Also, here’s a quick description of gameplay and backstory since I didn’t write much of one last night:

    The premise of the game is that you wake up on a damaged spaceship and have to work your way through levels, defeating monsters and repairing the ship’s systems before it is destroyed. Controls are simple: arrows move your character and tab switches weapons. You start off with a random stat bonus in one of three stats: str, dex, or speed and the bonus you get affects which weapon is the best choice for you. You’ll need to find oxygen to refill the tanks on your suit and can use the plutonium hot spots to repair damaged health.

    There’s a ton of work to be done tuning combat, item placement and such, so don’t expect too much in this build. Also, reset doesn’t work, so when you die you’ll have to quit and restart.

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