Success: RGB

After a lot of last minute dungeon generation and bug fixes, RGB made it across the finish line! You can play it here!


Technologies and Code

RGB is written from scratch in pure-JS on canvas so it should work on any modern browser. It’s not the prettiest of code but you can check it out here if you want:

For a workflow we were using browserify and gulp.js which were an absolute treat after working with things like requirejs or manual script loading.

Game Play

RGB is a classic ascii roguelike dungeon escape game in three dimensions (red, green, blue). Your character has a different power up in all three dimensions (aoe stun, speed, aoe damage).

After making your way through the first three easy levels there is a host of monsters to discover and every level should be significantly different (colors, creeps, etc…)!

The game starts out trying to teach you the basics. Unfortunately there is a bug that you stay on the stairs you get teleported back a level so that has caused some confusion for early players.

We hope you enjoy it!

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