Tales of the Adventuring Company – “done”!

Just uploaded my entry for the 7DRLC!  It’s called “Tales of the Adventuring Company” and is a complete, from-scratch rewrite of my entry ‘Adventuring Company” for the Trials of Oryx competition in January 2014.

You can play my 7DRLC entry, Tales of the Adventuring Company, on Game Jolt  in your browser (Linux users, I have you covered — there’s a Linux download on Game Jolt as well):

(For the curious, you can also play the original version, Adventuring Company, on itch.io)

The basic of the game is the same — explore the dungeon by tapping tiles and defeat the boss at the end.  I’ve streamlined a lot of features from the original (for better or worse, depending on your perspective), and took out the parts I thought were confusing.  Since I only had a week on this remake, I feel that it’s not as featureful, but overall, more polished.

I plan to keep working on this after the contest, so please follow me on twitter @slothwerks if you’re interested in hearing about new releases.  iOS/Android releases are my top priority after cleaning up the mechanics.  Long-term, I want to add some progression/unlockables (roguelike blasphemy, I know) to help complete the feedback loop.

If you try it, let me know what you think!

7drl3 7drl_battle 7drl_objective 7drl_title

3 thoughts on “Tales of the Adventuring Company – “done”!”

  1. It’s good- very slick. I did find a bug though. My knight type dude and rogue were killed and I was just playing along with some free barbarians, but then I clicked on the tombstone of the knight dude and it seemed he wasn’t dead at all and I could make him leader and fight with him although he still had a tombstone for a portrait.

  2. Nice game, well polished, very smooth! I enjoy revealing the tiles and once I understood (I think) the pattern mechanic everything went a lot smoother. I like how disposable the heroes are. Very fun, good job!

  3. Thanks for the feedback.

    @graspee Yeah, someone else mentioned this as well. Planning to fix this during a future release.

    @Nik_SG: Thanks! I need/want to explain the pattern mechanic a little bit more. I wanted to have some kind of quick tutorial, or something to ease players into it, but simply ran out of time.

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