3 thoughts on “The Tablet of Ananias, 7DRL Victory!”

  1. I played your game and wanted to say how great the sprites were. I was a little disappointed that you don’t have free movement though and also that the levels are room-based rather than a traditional map. Your entry last year, Rodney, being more traditional was more to my liking, and I adore castlevaniaRL. I suppose it gets harder to come up with both the enthusiasm and something new when one is an old hand of the 7DRL. Also I appreciate that you were going for something that would work on a mobile device, and as someone who struggles with his fat fingers on Cardinal Quest 1 and 2 I can understand the need.

    It made me think though. I once thought about how I play something like soup. I play in a really reckless, not really thoughtful way, auto-exploring round the dungeon until I get to a monster, which I then fight, or an item which I see whether it’s worth picking up. Essentially I play soup about as badly as the built-in bot plays brogue.

    So anyway, I thought a while back- I wonder if a roguelike could cut out the automatic stuff (well stuff that’s automatic for me as I always did it the same) and just be a series of encounters; almost like a card game, or the old board game chainsaw warrior. It probably wouldn’t be a roguelike any more, but would it still be fun at least for me?

    Your game makes me think it wouldn’t. That sounds really harsh and I don’t mean it badly at all. I think I’ve realized though that even if part of playing a game requires no thought and is superfluous, it’s still necessary at least for me to enjoy the game.

    Anyway congratulations on finishing and thanks for making me think, and also for all your roguelikes in the past since I haven’t really spoken to you before. (It was re-playing castlevaniarl just before the 7drl that made me realize how important music and sound can be to enhance the feel or a game).

    1. Hi graspee, thank you for your comments!

      There’s a reason behind the non-free movement when rooms are empty, and that’s just to make it easier for the player to transverse the level. In earlier versions you could move around, but it got a little boring having to tap again and again just to transverse empty rooms; it’s a matter of efficiency.

      That was one of the hard design decisions, and I agree it feels awkward the first moments, but I hope it makes sense after your first three minutes on the game.

      Regarding the room based layout, I must note that the levels are actually based on a traditional map with corridors and all! Time was not enough to put out the minimap I had planned, but it’s there, may be for v1.1

      Now, about the play strategy you describe, don’t feel bad about it… a game like Ananias boils down to long term strategy, luck and choices, mostly based on what items to keep (since it’s intentionally simple in terms of player skills or powers) and whether you fight or pull back. I don’t know how sophisticate robots are these days but even if they are, in turn based games, the fun is in choices.

      Glad you like my old games, most of times I think on them as unfinished boring crap, except maybe Rodney and this one.

  2. @graspee What you’re describing sounds a lot like the card game Munchkin. You should give it a shot if you’re curious to see how you’d like it. It’s not my favorite, but it’s still a fun game I’d play again if given the opportunity. : )

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