Tox: Puzzle Roguelike – Don’t Do Drugs Kids!

Was it you or him that put the needle to your arm? It doesn’t matter. He is your jailer, and he has to die!

tox_screen04 tox_screen03

Fight the Jailer’s minions and your addiction in this roguelike puzzler. Your ability to survive will depend on your tactical insight, use drugs to stay alive and ohhh a bunny.It’s a cute bunny! Much cuter than those OH MY GOD THE FLOOR EYES STARE INTO MY SOUL.

Play it here:

Graphics by: Flaterectomy, Coding by: Daan van Yperen

6 thoughts on “Tox: Puzzle Roguelike – Don’t Do Drugs Kids!”

  1. Just some tips to get you all going.

    It’s a brutal game, but the scenarios aren’t totally random, they just appear that way. There’s always a path of victory! Well, the first few levels at least. 😉

    A good way to get started is fighting the weaker guys first. This levels you up which makes the tougher enemies weaker. Try to get a feel for the sweet spot for dosing yourself, don’t just pick it up whenever you can; when you level you gain hitpoints, drugs heal you up fully, so taking them later boosts your chance of survival.

    Items are really valuable, they alter the gameplay in subtle ways. Be smart about the order you pick them up, and try to figure out what the special items do.

    World changes are not just superficial! Keep an eye on what else changes!

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