Update Your Game Status!

We’re all in the roguelike business, so failure is not only expected, it’s FUN!

Now that the challenge is over, please take a second to go to 7drl.roguetemple.com and update your game status (assuming you registered it there).

The current breakout I see is:

  • 118 Finished (!!)
  • 23 Failed
  • 118 still “Working on it”

I’d love to see most of that last 118 “Working on it” get flipped to success. I suspect many will ultimately be “run aways”. With this many games, odds are no one is going to try your game unless you go and mark it as ‘finished’.

Note that once you click on ‘Edit’ and enter your password you need to scroll to the bottom of the page to edit the actual game info.

4 thoughts on “Update Your Game Status!”

  1. When there are many 7DRL entries the edit button doesn’t seem to do anything. In reality some new fields are added to the bottom of the page but that isn’t obvious.

    Maybe when you hit edit and enter your password the edit fields could be on a separate page? Or, somehow you could force the browser to the bottom where the edit fields are?

  2. Yes. The infamous Edit button… It took me several tries yesterdat to realize that the from was at the end of the page. Shouldn’t it be easier to be at the beggining of the page? Thank you for storing the information about the games.

  3. I had the same problem you guys did. I tried to mention that particular trick in the post. Took me hours to figure it out, someone on #rgrd had to point it out to me!

    Note I didn’t make the site, it was graciously coded by Slash, I think other than this one tiny interface issue the site is perfect.

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