Blitz it up! – finished

It’s a little late, but sometimes it’s really hard to write a short update after a week of afterwork development. Our tank game is finished – well, all planned, basic functionalities.  It’s still a little barebone, but you can blow stuff up, so the important things are covered.

blitz_it_upIt’s our first game in Unity. The goal is to get across the board, avoiding the shutting turret. You have to collect ammo /found in crates/ and fuel /from barrels/. You navigate using the mouse, clicking on a hex you want to move to. There are tank turret’s rotation controls on the top right of the screen /you can also rotate the turret by clicking on a tank/. The fire button is on the top left side. Turret rotates and shoots at random, and can destroy barrels and crates.

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