DataQueen – Success and Update

DataQueen, my 7DRL, was a success! I finished on Saturday night but haven’t got round to posting here yet. The game is hacking and insect themed, based partly on the board game Hive, set on a hexagonal grid. You can download it here: Windows | Linux32 | Linux64 | OSX

I’m extremely pleased with how the game has turned out. It contains many novels concepts, and they gel together really well. The interesting stuff:

  • You have no hit points, instead you die if you get surrounded
  • Enemies don’t hurt you, but they all have unique abilities to harass or annoy you
  • You have free movement on green grids, and create green grids as you move about (enemies destroy them)
  • You have different attacks based on your direction of attack – these are linked into a “hex wheel” of different powers, and every turn the wheel spins. You have to get into the right position with respect to the enemy to land the right attack.
  • As you progress you get new powers and can customise your hex wheel.
  • Progressing involves hooking up different parts of the level with green grids and destroying the bosses. The bosses are challenging and fun 🙂

I also think it looks pretty nice 🙂 A ToME community member kindly did the UI artwork for me, which gives it some lovely polish.

I’ve just updated the game to give it a score system and a couple of minor tweaks. The score system I may change later… Anyway, here’s some screenies:

Feedback very welcome! I might try to polish up the game even more.

Author: darrengrey

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