Eat or Die, my first 7drl

This was the first time I have participated in the 7drl challenge.  I’ve been pretty busy since Sunday so just getting round to blogging about it.

I managed to get the game to a fully playable state, you can die and everything!  The game is based around the life of the Souther Grasshopper Mouse.  A vicious little rodent who is carnivorous and impervious to scorpion venom.  I managed to get a prototype going that is playable end to end so please give it a try, it is web based and the latest build is here –

All comments are welcome 🙂

However there are a few aspects I just didn’t have time to do before my 168 hours ran out.  Little things like title and end screens are missing and the game play is quite unbalanced. I only got around 44 hours through the week to work on the game and it just does not feel complete enough to mark it as finished so I consider this challenge FAILED.

On the other hand this is the first game jam where I have got a working demo ready for people to get their hands on so personally I consider it a success.  I plan to continue the game as I believe it has a lot of potential, so watch this space I guess!

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