7DRL2014 – 26 Quick Highlights

With 132 successful 7DRLs at the latest count it can be hard to know what to play… Well, I’ve not played them all, but from what I’ve played and what I’ve read from others the following are 26 that you shouldn’t miss. It’s by no means an exhaustive list, and doubtless I’ve missed out on some hidden gems. Also some of them are more “interesting” to me than being brilliant games. In no particular order:

DataQueen – Shameless self-promotion, but I’m pretty happy with my entry this year and have had universally positive feedback on it! Very intense tactical game with hex grids.

TraumaRL – From the creator of PrincessRL comes another meaty and detailed game. Hard to believe this was made in 7 days! Interesting bits of story, very well polished procedural design, and a lot of replayable fun. This will keep you entertained for a lot longer than a week.

Here Be Dragons – Nice look and feel, uses party members a bit like equipment.

Hellspace – Beautifully polished sci-fi crawler. Nothing too innovative, but a very solid playthrough.

Creek Hero – Fish eat fish and changing size and growing in power. It’s weird and fun.

The Littlest Princess – Run away from a ghost to get keys for doors in a tight little puzzley game. Very cute, nicely challenging.

KRAXLN – Rock-climbing puzzley game. Not much depth, but fun whilst it lasts.

Voronoiance – Voronoi diagrams based roguelike with 1HP mechanics. Hard but satisfying.

Dice Mines – Crazy cool game where you instruct a massive party of disposal heroes.

Ragtag – Very tight and tactical game where you control 3 monsters tag-team style to kill adventurers. Nice use of enemies getting stronger as a “hunger clock”.

Power Grounds – Tiny level, every move counts game where spells are attached to grid squares.

Goldfish – Pretty ASCII browser game. Not a lot of depth, but still fun.

Impera – 1HP game where you have to carefully position yourself with respect to enemies to avoid getting hit. Beautifully minimalist.

Succession – Take over enemies and use their abilities. Not quite as good a take on this as last year’s Possession but still very fun.

The Smith’s Hand – Sell adventurers equipment as they race off to their death. A bit slow-paced, but returning to the world of Vicious Orcs makes it interesting.

Fida’i – Stealth game, nicely intense. Cone FOV is annoying, but the other mechanics work well.

Variablo – Shift parts of the level around and defeat spawning enemies. Very nice graphics and animations.

Third Planet – Cool space RL where you gain momentum as you move around. Planning turns is tricky.

Dungeon Dual – Co-op game but turn-based and asynchronous. Not the best multiplayer implementation ever, but interesting in its own way.

Eden Sector – Really big sci-fi game with lots to do. Based off Approaching Infinity.

Shit Crimson – Joyfully titled game with an interesting modular spell system.

Golden Krone Hotel – Lure vampires into daylight to kill them. Become a vampire yourself to cast spells and suck blood. Awesome!

Rogue Station – Deal with oxygen breaches and invading monsters in a sci-fi RL.

FlappyRL – Turn-based FlappyBird. Gets old quick, but for that initial few plays it’s very cool 🙂

Wild West Roguelike – Title says it all – this game is really cool.

FavRL – A whole roguelike in a 16×16 pixel favicon. Nicely done!

Sorry to any great games that I missed – I’ll try and get more highlights listed later.

Author: darrengrey

Host of Roguelike Radio, maker of small tactical roguelikes, writer for many games.

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    1. Just to let everyone know, I have now created a Linux build of my game which you can download from the same link. It worked on Ubuntu (32-bit) but since I have not tested it thoroughly I can guarantee it will work on all Linux distros. I would still recommend downloading the Windows build when possible.

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