Beware of Strange Warp Points: dev continues!

If you enjoyed my 2014 7DRL, “Beware of Strange Warp Points”, you’ll be glad to hear that development has been continuing – a friend of mine from the Space Empires community stepped up to fix some bugs and add a few neat features, and that prompted me do do some more work on the game myself!

So what will you find thus far?

  • Fixed bug causing repeated colonization of planets using long range sensors.
  • Added shield regenerator components.
  • Fixed bug causing enemy ships to move at the player’s speed. Watch out for those scouts!
  • Added mineral planets (they’re the best!) from which you can gain small amounts of resources.
  • Missiles that are shot down are now described as being shot down, instead of missing.
  • The game now ends properly when you win.
  • Fixed bug causing ships destroyed by losing both crew and engines simultaneously to grant double salvage.
  • Log messages now appear in the proper order (not reversed).
  • Log messages are now colored depending on what happens (generally, blue = good, cyan = very good, yellow = bad, red = very bad, white = neutral)
  • Log messages turn gray after you take your next turn, instead of disappearing. (They still disappear after 25 of them accumulate, though.)

You can download the C# source code here:

We haven’t yet put together a v1.1 build, so you’ll need Visual Studio (2012 or higher; there is a free Express version) or MonoDevelop to build it.

Author: Ed Kolis

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