Rogue Station, 7DRL Let’s Play

Game Hunter has let’s played the game now:

From YouTube:
Space roguelikes are great because you already feel cramped, and this game takes it to the next level. A lot of the core gameplay is here and it plays really well! I’d hope for a little more to do with a couple of patches, but I think I could entertain myself with this for a good while as-is.

Ideally, scavenging could be a little more intelligently-plannable, like being able to access consoles from all over the station that show, roughly, the location and name of each room. Naturally more items/electronics to interact with will pump things up, and making the station a bit bigger could address the somewhat-shortness of the game. The pace is fine, so only take it to its natural progression, but I could stand for maybe five more minutess of “interesting to-dos” after activating the end-game countdown.

Overall Thoughts:
Completely different approach this time around, and I think it paid off handsomely. While there could be some bits and pieces added, making a really nice 15-30min game overall, Rogue Station performs the various tasks of building a roguelike admirably, and it plays well to boot! Ultimately the gameplay is pretty simple, but you have to be constantly aware of your semi-invisible surroundings and approach each area with caution and restraint. The “countdown timer” seems awfully long, though, especially given what’s available to throw things off after it begins, but it’s a good idea with the right combination of additional obstacles. I hope to see this fleshed out over time!

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