Rogue Station, Patch 1 Release

Rogue Station Patch 1 released.

Patch 1 Changelist:
– Shift to walk diagonally doesn’t have the same time-out as numkey diagonal movement.
– Room in room placement don’t account for rooms placing things on top of each other, so in such situations you might get station equipment under other station equipment, or hidden under other things.
– There’s been one report of trouble playing the game on Windows 8. Hopefully the new web player version will work, but this remain untested.
– There’s some issues related to starting a new game after game over / game won. Shutting down the game and starting it again is the only solution for now.
– There’s only a 5% chance for an air generator to spawn in a room, so on a lot of levels there’s not even a single spawn of air generators.
– There should be a choking sound when you start getting into orange levels of choking due to lack of air. It’s hard noticing the messages in the log when there’s no sound attached to it.
– Doesn’t support hjkl-yubn keymapping yet.
– Pressing Escape while in a station equipment menu or ability menu should exit that menu, not take you to the main menu.
– The introduction text says ‘wrack’, when it should say ‘wreckage’.
– One should be able to ‘look’ at stuff without actually bumping into it to find out what it is.
– Shooting could do with some improvements.
– Need to take more control over how weapons, repair kits and broken equipment is distributed, so that all games are winnable and all games share a similar difficulty level. Right now it’s too random, and no guarantee that a game is winnable.
– There should be a chance that a dead invader could hold a repair kit (searchable), to prevent no-win situations.
– Need to tweak the Transport cost a bit.
– There should be a rescue beacon counter.
– Many minor fixes.

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