No Game This Year

Hey everyone. I am not doing a game this year, last year I really didn’t have much fun with it. This would have been my 6th 7DRL. I’ve moved on to writing more and am having a lot more fun with that. So I guess I’ve switched creative outlets.  I guess I’ve sorta moved on.

I was pretty pumped this year though, had some fun ideas, but about 4 hours into coding I realized this challenge had become a chore, not fun. I’d rather be writing. I might be persuaded to make a card game at some point. We’ll see.

I hope everyone finds this experience rewarding, I certainly did.

2 thoughts on “No Game This Year”

  1. I guess it’s better to find out you don’t like it now rather than 7 days from now.

    Are you still going to keep an eye on what’s happening and do some reviews? I know a lot of people looked forward to that last year.

  2. A saddening read, Jo. Hope you won’t disappear from us completely. Squeeze the pen until it screams; and drop me a message somewhere if you want to be kept up to speed on the latest trends in American superhero poetry ; )

    As always,

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