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For this year’s 7DRL, I’ll be making another RL using rot.js. For inspiration, I’ve turned to the web-comic Elf, by Songgu Kwon. I’m caught up in the drama of the KickStarter campaign to print a book of those comics, so I thought I’d channel that energy into a RL.



My time is limited (multiple family obligations, blah blah), so I’m keeping it as simple as possible with a fantasy setting, tried-and-true weapon types, dungeon crawling, etc. There are a few things I’ll be experimenting with:

  • Flash-back challenges — in the comic, there are some humorous asides and flashbacks that happen, I’d like to have items in the dungeon “remind” characters of past exploits, which will translate into solo peripheral dungeon levels with a limited skill and item set. Rewards would be “remembered” skills, spells, or locations of secrets in “current timeline”.
  • Multiple characters, stacked — I want to include all the characters from the Elf comic, but not create a squad-based game, so they’ll all travel together “stacked” and only one can be active at a time. Each will have its own skills, equipment, abilities, and perception (traps, tracks, danger, etc).
  • Illustrated examines — Songgu Kwon’s art is amazing and I’d like to use it in the UI as much as possible. The game itself will be ASCII, but there’ll be an area of the UI to show bitmap excerpts of the comic (and maybe original artwork…?).
  • Conditional dispositions — Certain NPCs in the game will have their attitudes toward the player’s characters change based on interaction. Potential dispositions: friendly, neutral, aggressive, fearful, curious.

I’ve started one day late, so I’d best shut up and get to work.

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