Hungry Mouths 7DRL, Progress Day 1, Part 1

“Hungry Mouths” will be my 5th 7DRL, and I just started this morning. The idea is a simple yet deep puzzle/strategy RL, based on a  “primordial soup” theme, with lots of time for polish, and a sub-goal of not getting too obsessed. Here is an account of my day so far:

  • first 22 minutes spent on music. wrong focus.
  • 10:40am : imported basic functions I always use: distance calc, text and sprite creating, random numbers, file reading.
  • 12:43pm : have created basic GAMEFLOW OUTLINE , played trains with the baby, played D&D with wife, and started website. No game yet.
  • 2:10pm : Baby in bed. Wife and daughter swimming. SIMPLE MAP GENERATION WORKING!
  • 2:22pm : preliminary code written for player rotation.
  • 2:30pm : preliminary code for player movement done.
  • 2:45pm (approx.) : wife coming home with PIZZA!


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