Like City Lights Receding

Okay, so I recently started tooling around with Libtcod and was looking for a nice way to tighten up some of my coding skills (also I’m a big fan of cyberpunk, hence the project name). I figured I’d throw all those elements into a big pot and see what comes of it.

I’m starting later than I would have liked as I only found out about the 7DRL challenge yesterday, but it’s a genre I’ve loved for a long time. It’ll be more like a 120 something hour RL by the time I’ve finished.

Features I’d like to include:

* Cool cyberpunk gear, possibly with words like ‘flechette’ in the name.

* Body augmentation.

* Stealth (although it might be pushing it a bit far).

* Hacking.

*Maybe some simple mission generation type stuff using Markov Chains.

*Hopefully drenched in a lurid neon colour-scheme.

Wish me luck.

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