Tackling the 7DRL with Scattered Dungeon

For this years 7DRL I came up with the idea of Scattered Dungeon …

… where you have to build your dungeon before you can crawl it like a rogue.

The story

You are the last known descendant of the kings arch mage who destroyed the cursed dungeon of Mitrabas the demon decades ago. He died together with the captain of the kings guard on his quest but sealed Mitrabas and his army of evils in the deepest layer – the throne room – of the dungeon while the captain used his mythic sword Rettash to chop the whole dungeon into pieces. The pieces were ported to the other spehere – the void. Mitrabas was beaten.

One year ago, a new evil has arised from the outer kingdoms and only Rettash the mythic sword may avoid the destruction of the whole world. Possesing parts of the arch mages magic power, the king has sent you on the quest to reassemble the parts of the dungeon and find a path down to the deepest layer of the dungeon to recover Rettash.

The game

You reassemble parts of the dungeon by moving parts of the floor towards each other. The colliding pieces may throw items and enemies from one part to another, giving you the ability to kill your foes by throwing them into the void, into each other or in one of the traps of the dungeon. Also, you may catch a potion, a mighty item or some gold coins. But beware! Your magic power is not that strong! Only the biggest assembled dungeon part may exist outside of the void. Once a level is done, all smaller dungeon parts will vanish and you don’t want to stand on one of them! A portal to the next dungeon layer will manifest on the biggest part at the end.

Sounds too easy? Then mind the deadline! You’re acting against the time! The scattered dungeon parts do only exist for a short period of time, so better be fast!

By killing you foes and proceeding towards the dungeon you gain gold and experience points. The latter can be invested in new abilities to strengthen your magic abilities. Hence, you may be able to expand the time, dungeon parts may exist outside the void or even fetch specific parts from the void to assist you. Monsters will get stronger the deeper you get so keep your eyes open for more powerful equipment or more creative ways to get rid of them.

Gameplay Example

I’ve done a small example here for you to read.

About me and the game

The project page can be found here and will provide informations about the current status of the game. Due to the time consumed by my family and my regular job I will focus on a very basic system, so don’t expect to fancy stuff (although I’d love to insert a crafting system but that would exceed the deadline I fear). I love to make gams but usually the are very small. Let’s hope this one will be finished in time!

Game on!


Some more pics here:

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