Day 2 – Rogue AI

Welp I didn’t get as much done yesterday as I’d hoped, but the flow arrows were harder than they looked. The buttons on the UI have a thing where they drop a pixel when you click down on them, and I had to compensate for this,  along with joining arrows and tiles cleanly. Some of these interface issues are fiddly and I have to fight the layout manager into submission. Not always successfully too, I’ve just moved on from some issues to come back to later.

Anyway, I recreated the diagram from back when I first conceived of this game. The colours are a bit drab, so they might change, and I’m having some issues with some of the tile edits on the left, but at least that portion is mostly done. I’ve also made the chat window on the right retractable because I was running out of space.

3 thoughts on “Day 2 – Rogue AI”

  1. Holy shit this looks amazing! Don’t feel under pressure from that comment though, haha. When people say my game looks interesting I start wondering if it’s going to disappoint them because of problems they can’t see in a screenshot.

    But even just for the idea, yours is good.

  2. Meta-overload. You’re building a tile-based AI-building tool to run AI characters in a tile-based arena battle?

    Also, I can only imagine writing the code for the line paths has to be similar to pathfinding for characters in a rogue-like in some fashion. I dig it.

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