Hungry Mouths, End of day 1

It’s end of day 1 for Hungry Mouths, and I really nailed the “not being obsessed about it” part of my plan! Still managed to get quite a lot done. The work week is coming up, so there won’t be as much time each day, but I’m confident I can pull off my design and have time to tweak it. Definitely going to be a “Puzzle” game.

hungry mouths gif 2
This is an animated GIF , you might need to click it to see…


From My Log:

  • 5:00pm : woke from nap. wrote simple animation function.
  • 5:40pm : Created level data file. Made program load it.
  • 5:58pm : I had that “It *#&$ing WORKS!” moment when the player sprite moved!
  • 6:18pm : I have debugged the animation function, and now it works.
  • 6:27pm : food is spawned on the map. player can eat food, and food re-spawns.
  • 10:49pm : returned to work after baths, dinner, filling out forms, more D&D, and bedtimes.
  • 11:28pm : MOUTHS: Spawning on map, picking up, and properly displaying on player.
  • 11:56pm : monsters spawn correctly on level. can not interact yet, no A.I.
  • END OF DAY 1

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