Randomized Action Arena

There’s some scandalous rumour going around that Darren Grey does not like action games …er well I’ve got some bad news … 😛arena1_7drlI had come up with a vague idea for my next game project, and always enjoying procedural generated gaming experiences I had been thinking about randomized enemies. Lo-and-behold the 7DRL challenge appears – the perfect situation to create a super rough and ready tech demo to try out my new game concept.

This is my second 7DRL, and after last year’s effort I’ve learned a lot … like keeping things really simple. So gone are the gigantic mazes and broken multi-faceted systems, and in is small and functioning. So this is a twin or single shooter shoot ’em up, based in an arena with randomized obstacles and spawning enemies.

Being a Yorkshireman (Yorkshire is like Texas only with drizzle) and thus a fan of the cheap and the cheerful, I am using the following free and open source apps:

Day One was pretty much spent porting the input system which I had previously devised and ironing out all the kinks which come with a new build of the engine. Long and not terribly interesting but I did have a moving cube at the end. I then added a laser sight because shooting at static targets was a lot harder than it looked. There’s a light attack, and rechargeable heavy attack and speed boost.

Day Two was has been spent creating the actual arena and coding a simple procedural method to loading obstacles.

Next up is the fun/annoying part of coding some AI to hunt and attack the player, and of course some sort of GUI to quickly explain the interface.

And here’s some video of a cube moving around. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h7sw9KGYkwc


Author: Steve_Yorkshire

Creator of "Airship Dragoon", turn-based X-Com style tactics with procedurally generated campaign worlds.

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