Scroll – day 2

Scroll has a kinda strange level generation method, compared to how I suppose most roguelikes generally do it. Scroll’s level generation code has to do with words. I got it mostly done today.

You could say there are two influences in Scroll’s level generation methods: Nick Montfort and Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

I had thought some about Scroll before starting the 7drl week, but my idea for the game was missing some key concepts. There was nothing to keep the player engaged in moving forward, an unclear victory condition, no clue how to generate appropriate random levels, a large potential for getting stuck, and no way to lose the game. Problimatic for a roguelike..

But, I had an idea finally last night, about a single unified thing that all of that stuff falls out from. And it’s right there in the name of the game! [More]

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