Synthesizer Day 2

moop is still bear

Didn’t get as much today as I would have liked. I chopped out all the code from my base unity roguelike engine that I didn’t need like FOV and lighting and such and printed some game things where they are supposed to go on the main board. Wasted a lot of time humming and ha-ing about exactly how many items, mobs and walls to have. The board seemed very small (8×8).

Link for full size image:

2 thoughts on “Synthesizer Day 2”

  1. Looks very cool. I am an audio systems engineer and I spend a lot of my working days programming DSPs and designing audio processing circuits (specifically, I make a living designing guitar effects processors). I took a graduate course at Berklee in synthesizer design, so I have a good feel for the underlying components of most synth types, and I actually have the good fortune to go to work every day with a guy who was the chief scientist at Kurzweil for decades (He was the brains behind many of Kurzweil’s early synthesized pianos). …I also like roguelikes, so, your game appears to be right up my alley! Looking forward to trying it out.

  2. Thanks for the comment. I’m not sure it will work well yet- it is a bit “out there” design wise. I won’t know until I’ve done more work and it’s playble.

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