CEET 7DRL Team 2015 – Day 3

Today we had our first meeting to discuss the scope of our game and adding two new members, Jorge Malachi and Paul Victor. Two artists.

Our game will be a normal RL with a cardgame system. All your items, spells / skills, feats, and other support items will be cards from your deck that you build while you play. The name has not yet been decided, we already have some bread crumbs to build a robust history, both for the characters and for the universe. As much as time does not permit the implementation of this until the end of the week, we still want to complete the game.


Summary of the day:

  • GDD started;
    • Creation of scope;
    • Definition of sitema;
    • Definition of the monsters;
    • Definition of the type of art;
    • Setting the map type;
  • Distribution of tasks;



  • MarTinazzI, rafael;
  • Elisa Kobi;
  • Roberto Soresini;
  • Jorge Malaquias;
  • Paulo Victor;

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