Fall Girl

My project is Fall Girl. This is my first 7DRL so I’m going to try to keep the graphics and mechanics pretty simple.

You play as an anonymous cyborg @ who wakes up at 6:15 AM to discover she has accidentally released her AI upon the world and has until noon to stop it. Collect scrap computer parts throughout different areas to upgrade your internal processor speed, thus slowing the passage of time. This gives you longer until noon and also lets you dodge enemy attacks easier.

The game runs in real time and is intended to feel like a bullet curtain shooter upon completion, though the only enemies I’ve added so far are much easier. Here’s a shot from development:

The last game jam I did was LD48 and I finished right at the deadline, so I’m gauging as best I can from that experience how much I can plan to accomplish.

My twitter handle is @ise1000000. You should follow for updates!

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