Hungry Mouths, Middle of Day 3

If there’s one thing I’ve really accomplished this year, it’s not being overly obsessed with my 7DRL. I’ve got a lot going on, and so I went with a simple design. But beyond that, I’m really taking my time…

long ass gif
Another Gif That you have to click on to see for some reason.


  • 8:05am : sat down at computer.
  • 8:14am : called a variable “Mo” and got  sidetracked  reading about Molybdenum.
  • 8:41am : you can now eat enemies if you have the right mouth. You can push small ones,and be killed by big ones. Excellent!
  • 8:54am : begin work on ENEMY ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE!
  • 10:06am : basic enemy AI works! Using Dijkstra maps, they move, eat food, and eat each-other. Some problems remain. Must make allowances for size interactions.
  • 1:46pm : returned to development after taking care of my daughter.
  • 2:24pm  : have now improved the AI considerably. Must leave again.
  • AND I NEVER RETURNED… I went to my night job, came home, sent one email, watched Battlestar Galactica, and went to bed.


  • 8:25am : made the AI chase the player when appropriate.
  • 8:36am : streamlined monster spawning, and made monsters re-spawn on a level if too many are killed.
  • 9:07am : now have a working “dna meter”, which indicates progress toward next level.
  • 9:26am : you can now progress between levels.
  • 9:36am : fixed display of player “mouths”
  • 10:03am : changed one of the basic premises of the game: took out “rotation”.
  • 10:07am : gave the player the ability to “WAIT”.
  • 10:22am : refined on-going monster spawning.
  • 12:22pm : started filing my federal income taxes with turbotax
  • 1:33pm : finished filing taxes. Going to put baby to bed.
  • 1:55pm : got death working: instantly restarts game at level 1.
  • 2:05pm : added support for numpad keys.
  • 2:20pm : worked on a bunch of raw sound effects using BFXR
  •  3:42pm : this blog post, then dinner, and off to work again.

We’ll see about tonight and tomorrow…


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