To the West, Day 2 Recap

Well, day 2 is over and I didn’t get enough done. The biggest factor stopping me is the astounding number of bugs that popped up today. I still have a couple to fix, but most of the really big issues have been fixed.

That said, I still got some things done:

  1. Reworked the movement system a bit.
  2. Added a system for displaying and handling game messages, with word wrap.
  3. Added combat. Creatures will seek out their target, then attack until they die. They can’t choose their target yet; they have to retaliate instead.
  4. Added a biome and 4 new enemies.
  5. Fixed ‘Schrodinger’s Bug’, where enemies that had moved both existed and didn’t exist at the same time.
To the West combat screenshot
An early combat testing screenshot. The repeated messages above are from me messing around with scripts reacting to where you walk.

It’s not the worst list, but I probably could’ve fit 2-3 more items in if not for the slew of bugs. I’m especially worried about not having the basic creature ai finished, but hopefully today won’t set me back much.

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