Outlaw Space Day 1&2

Getting caught up on blog posts. I’ll keep this post shorter so as to not push everyone’s post  down too far. For a deeper look at what Outlaw Space is, please check out the forum post located here:


Status as of 3/10/15

Art Direction

We had always known that if we ever actually worked on Outlaw Space that it was going to be visually unique. Our art director envisioned combining  hand painted backgrounds with pixel art characters to create a style that felt handmade, crafted and nostalgic. To prove this out, he had one of our concept artists do a digital painting that was built with layers so that it could potentially parallax in game.


The characters in the game will be pixel art.



A lot of work on the first day went into trying to create a design that both demonstrated some of the mechanics we wanted to include in Outlaw Space and were ultimately achievable in a week.

Code Progress

The team outlined a number of core systems that could be worked on simultaneously by multiple people. The following are currently being worked on and updates will be provided as they come online.

  • Map Generation
  • Battle Screen
  • Navigation/movement
  • Inventory

I’ll be uploading a new post later today with the progress from the last 24hrs.

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