Outlaw Space Day 3

Apologies for the quick follow-up post.  Getting Caught up with progress over the last 24hrs. Good progress on both code and art.

Inventory System

The game’s inventory system and screen has been engineered. The player will have a single inventory with limited slots. The player can select items and equip them with a party member. While not at a store, there will also be an option to drop items. For now at least, dropped items will be gone forever.

(Oh, and for what it’s worth, the UI system in Unity 5 gets a big thumbs up from the engineering team.)


Battle Screen

For simplicity sake, we’ve narrowed the game down to two “modes”. The player will either be moving his character on what we call the “Adventure Screens” or be doing combat in what we are calling a “Battle Screen.”

Work on the Battle Screen is progressing well. The Battle Screens will  play out like a classic Final Fantasy style, turn-based combat sequence.  The first pass at this portion of the game is complete and we’re currently playtesting it. We’ve got a good pass on the Battle Screen UI, target selection and attack selection.



On the art side, the team has created some robot baddies that you’ll battle. We’ve begun experimenting with character animations as well as continued work on various background and Battle Screens. We even added treasure chests and vending machines! Go Loot!



Check back tomorrow for further updates and be sure to visit our forum post to leave feedback and/or communicate with us.


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