Rogue Space Marine – Update 3

Today, I accomplished lots of small tasks that have been on my to-do list, but I didn’t make any big milestone leaps.

First, some screenshots!

New title screen:

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In-game Help Menu:

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New UI elements:

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Accomplished Today:

  • Increased room sizes (I anticipate that this will make for more interesting combat).
  • A player can now advance to the next level by clearing the level of enemies.
  • A player can now advance to the next level by activating all computer terminals. This allows a player to finish the level even if they lose all attack abilities.
  • When a level is finished, a new level is generated. When finishing level 10, the game is over.
  • A new ability is randomly granted to the player when the player finishes level. Eventually, I would like to give the player a choice between 2 or 3 abilities each level so there is some advancement strategy involved.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for selecting abilities and movement.

Next Steps:

  • Make more enemy types. The basic AI is in place and I can create enemies that behave differently inheriting from the main enemy class and tweaking different parameters.
  • More interesting room layout for more interesting combat.
  • Create new abilities. Currently there is only a move and a basic attack, which are not very interesting.

Basically, the framework is already in place. I have a playable game with all of the basic elements ready to go. Now, it’s time to fill in the content!

Schedule moving forward (optimistically):

  • Wednesday, Thursday – Content (enemies, rooms, abilities)
  • Friday – Polish
  • Saturday (before my deadline arrives) – If time permits, additional sounds, music, and polish

Thanks for reading!

Brett (TheSleeve)

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