To the West: Day 3 Recap

Today was fairly productive, I think. I finished the basic ai for creatures, and now they either wander aimlessly or charge after a target. I also added levelling, and a bunch of extra scripting work.

The scripting is really starting to pay off, I think. Only one monster makes use of it so far, but it definitely lets me add some more interesting things to the game. I also have scripts running on certain tiles, such as lava. You can wade through it if you really want to and don’t heed the game’s warnings, but the result is guaranteed to hurt.

To the West development screenshot
An example of scripting. Brigands can taunt you, and also heal themselves a little if they get low on health.

I’ve been making a point to add at least one biome and two enemies per day, so hopefully the game will have some decent variety by the end of the week. Also, you might notice that this screenshot looks a bit different. I was trying to find a way to make enemies more visible, and I messed around with colors for a while. Ultimately, I ended up doing the exact opposite of this, but I don’t have any great screenshots of that right now. If you’re really curious, it looks like the older screenshots I’ve posted except with a colored background on the enemies.

Tomorrow, I’ll probably work on scaling and balancing things properly.

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  1. That green is a little harsh on the eyes and makes it hard to see what’s going on. If you use HSL/HSV color model and keep the saturation low for background colors and higher for foreground colors it won’t jump out as much.

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