To the West, Day 4 Recap

I only did two things today. At least one of them was rather substantial!

First off, I made the game controllable by the numpad and added a wait button. Last year I went vi-keys only, and it bothered some people. I like them, but I understand that not everyone is particularly fond of the setup. The wait button comes in two flavors, short and long. This game is kinda sorta not turn based. It looks like any other turn-based game, but it actually is based on a system of hidden time units. The short wait expends one unit, allowing you to wait a tiny fraction of time for enemies to approach and whatnot, and the long wait goes for 10. After that, I expanded the help to encompass this information and made it scroll. I’ll probably be doing that to the messagebox soon as well. Lastly, I created a system for ‘effects’. Effects allow a script to be executed on a group of tiles/units, and can be created based on a point, a radius, or a line(and the line can be told to stop at solids). Hopefully, I’ll be using these things to not only handle various items and enemy abilities, but other things as well. For instance, I could easily use this to make an ambush, or make a gate open/close as necessary. This took a really long time to get working, however, so I haven’t had time to do anything with it.

…well, except for this:

Dragons don't mess around


As pictured here, Red Dragons are bad for your health.

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