FireTail 7DRL: Ritual Fire Dance

My 7DRL FireTail is proceeding well. It’s a game about a fire spirit in an icy world. You die if you get surrounded, and you can extra powers by being next to flames. This leads to lots of interesting tactical positioning in combat. When levelling up you assign different powers to the lengths of your tail, change what happens when surrounded by different numbers of fire tails, making for interesting levelling choices too.

Assigning a power to level 6 gives it greater power, but makes it harder to trigger as you need 6 adjacent fire tiles on the hex map. One wonderful feature is that wrapping yourself up in fire has a fantastic sense of ritual to it. Here’s a little peek with the Blaze power:

Firetail blaze power
Burn the heathens!

Author: darrengrey

Host of Roguelike Radio, maker of small tactical roguelikes, writer for many games.

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  1. Interesting game concept, and the fire effects are a nice touch. Looking forward to the finished product, Darren! …and I’m not surprised in the least to see that you’re using a hex grid… πŸ™‚

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