Harvest RL – End of Day 3

At the end of day 3 (I’m now starting day 4), my entry into the 7DRL Challenge is coming along well enough. It’s a game like Harvest Moon or Rune Factory merged with the PCG and Permadeath of roguelikes. The plan for the game is to explore dungeons, plant and grow crops on the surface, use those crops to feed villagers and prep for dungeon battle, and try not to die.

The goal for day 4 is to get crop growing and basic combat working (they will use the same underlying framework). Equipment and item-handling will be included in this, but that is almost done as it is. The remaining days will be to add in more (and varied) content, and then fix a few generation issues that I don’t like.

Village exploration in HarvestRL
Exploring a village
After wandering into a building, I closed the door behind me. Now I'm looking at it.
Looking at a door I closed

Past updates can be found here (off-site).

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