Mysterious Space: Rogue Dug

roguedug-1THIS year I am making a game that takes place in the same “universe” as my entry last year – Mysterious Space – and is largely inspired by the old-old game Dig Dug (as you may have guessed from the name).

unlike both Mysterious Space and Dig Dug, however, Rogue Dug is decidedly turn-based! unlike most roguelikes, though, on each turn you get a number of actions equal to your POWER. digging takes an action; moving takes an action; using a weapon or tool takes an action. think D&D, FF Tactics, or Dofus/Wakfu… yes? yes! close enough!

roguedug-2 roguedug-3

I think the pictures explain it pretty well, but the story of Rogue Dug is that you are an archaeological robot, digging up artifacts from a long-dead world that once was home to intelligent life. you are not very equipped for the monsters you find there, however, so you will have to carefully arrange for your enemies to have boulders dropped on them, a la Dig Dug (boulders not yet implemented >_>). to help, you also have a tool that can fire stunning shots (also not pictured, but largely implemented), and bombs (also-also not pictured, and not at all implemented). however, as you dig for artifacts, you will also find new items – tools left behind by this mysterious civilization – to help you. so that’s nice!

I spent the first couple days ripping the basic engine from Mysterious Space, getting the basic movement mechanics in, and implementing a simple A* path finding algorithm (something I’d never done before!) I spent other days being sick! >:(

for the rest of the challenge, my goals are, from MOST important to LEAST important:

  1. boulder-dropping mechanics.
  2. enemies actually posing a threat. (right now they just get up close to you. and you can go through them. hm.)
  3. stun gun and bomb mechanics!
  4. upgrading your ship.
  5. more enemies.
  6. adding as many creative and unique artifact descriptions as I can.

then I’m done!

I have not been in the best health this week, so I may need to cut corners/content in a few places – I already consider myself a little behind – but I’m confident I can have a technically-complete game by the time it’s over!

the game is being made in C# using MonoGame, and a custom-made game framework. you can use either a keyboard or xbox-alike controllers, as these are best suited to exploring space. MICE ARE WEAK.

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