Beware the Space Bears – Success

You are a lone astronaut on a hostile red planet. Your base shelters you and its devices supply everything you need for survival if you bring them materials to work with.

Oh and Beware the Space Bears!

I’ve been too busy/lazy to cross-post the dev blogs here, but if you are interested, you can read them here:

Everything didn’t quite work out to what I had in mind when I started, but my 7DRLs rarely turn out like initial ideas. Like always, there was too little time to balance and play test it thoroughly, let alone implement all the cool features I would have liked or came up with later in the development.

However, it’s still a nice game I’m pretty proud of. For example, it has the most complex item interactions among all my 5 and ½ 7DRLs. The code ended up the messiest though :D.

Play it here: (It’s rather mobile friendly btw. – no keyboard required!)


Space rats are no match for a plasma rifle.
Space rats are no match for a plasma rifle.

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