Feeding Frenzy, Day 5: DONE!

And on the 5th day, there was much rejoicing! Feeding Frenzy , my 5th 7drl success, is done. I set out to make it both simple and complete, and I have achieved those goals in abundance. You can download the finished game here.


    • Turn-based strategic play
    • Simple command set (move or wait)
    • 8 procedural levels
    • 18 kinds of enemies (3 sizes of 6 shapes)
    • Detailed enemy AI
    • 5 Power-ups
    • High Score Tracking
    • In-game instructions
    • Title screen
    • Death screen
    • Victory Screen
    • Sound
    • Music
    • Challenge
    • FUN!
You are the yellow spiral, trying to evolve by eating and not being eaten.

The download includes full instructions, as well as a complete copy of my daily progress log, with some entertaining diversions.

Good luck, everyone!


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