HarvestRL – Day 5

At the start of Day 5, not much has visually changed but a lot has changed underneath. You can now equip tools and weapons and do some farming. Soft soil needs to be tilled, you can plant seeds in the soil, and then water the plants. As the days pass, the plants grow and eventually they are ready to be harvested. It turns out my previous plan for how to do this was far more complicated than a much simpler solution. Now you just equip the tool and walk into the tile on which you want to use it.

There are also random wolves and rabbits running around, that don’t really do anything. You can punch them to death, but that’s just to make sure combat actually works. The enemy AI needs to be better, though it doesn’t have to be spectacular. Even if they just rush you that’s an improvement over the current “wander anywhere no matter the circumstance.”

Today, the plan is to add more content. The dungeons need to be populated, the village shouldn’t be empty, and the food you grow should matter. I’ll post some more screenshots tonight, when it actually looks different.

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