Scroll: Day 5 & 6

Quick update before I try to get some sleep for my final push.

On day 5, I built a spell system, and nerded out with haskell type system stuff while doing so. Some rather interesting spells resulted.

By starting with a limited type for spells, and exploring toward more featureful types, I was able to think about the range of possibilities of spells that each type allowed, be inspired with interesting ideas, and implement them quickly.

And then today, I added a lot of new features and polish and stuff, too much to list. But the best thing is, I’ve gotten a web interface set up, and have been getting some playtesters there, and useful feedback. And, I had a fun playthrough experience myself!

Did some final level generation tonight involving infinite time-reversed stream-of-conciousness generation. It’s not quite ready, but should make it in tomorrow as an alternative to the tutorial level.

T-minus 21 hours!

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