Void Sanctum – 7DRL 2015, Day 4 report

Today I worked mainly on entities and their full integration towards items in particular. We categorize in weapons, armor and items. While the game-board items display as ascii characters, the UI version will show graphical icons, so setting up that pipeline is working now, and the weapon and armor pieces you pick up can be equipped on your character. I spent the last hour of my day adding in zone-themed music and some simpler sfx to compliment the beautiful descriptive texts of Alan Charlesworth.

As always he covers his day in his vlog:

Follow us and watch Alan thread down this road to ruin on YouTube in true roguelike fashion as we try to make a game in seven days!

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    1. Alan you look so tired! You could easily be the perfect “visual representative” (can’t get a good word… “poster child” , “mascot”…) for 7DRL. Good luck.

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