“Ardennes” Playable!


Ardennes is now playable online.

Ardennes is a roguelike game that is set during the Battle of the Bulge.  Lead your squad of American soldiers through the snowy forests of the Ardennes, trying to complete your mission without being mowed down by the enemy.

It currently comes with two missions, one easy and one hard.  Flight to Weiswampach is the easy scenario, where you are just trying to stay ahead of the Nazi front as they sweep into the Ardennes.  The Trois-Ponte Gambit is the harder scenario, where you must destroy a bridge before Kampfgruppe Pieper secures it with his tanks.  (Missions are randomized when you play.)

It’s an HTML5 game, so it should run in most modern browsers.  With the remaining hours of the 7DRL, I’m going to be doing bug hunting, balance tweaks, etc., but it should be playable from start to finish now.

3 thoughts on ““Ardennes” Playable!”

  1. At first: I really like it. I’d like to know how much time you have invested in GUI and graphics. I have a little bug here. After surviving the roll of a grenade attack the game is stuck at the enemy turn. I forgot to press F12 to have a look at the browser console but I’ll try to reproduce it.

    I like the gameplay although I haven’t fully understood all the numbers yet ( I played it for 5 minutes or so). I will play it some more. At the end of the day my feedback will be more valuable I hope :D.

    Good job!

  2. Glad you like it!

    Thanks for the bug report – I’ll look into it.

    The graphics represent quite a bit of time, but most were done outside the context of the 7 days. I repurposed artwork that I had created for a tabletop game that I’d designed, so much of that artwork was pre-existing. I did create a few additional bits here and there during the compo, and of course I did a lot of resizing, reframing, and repurposing of my images, but most of it existed before.

    The UI elements, however, were largely new during the compo. I had a framework ready to go before it began which could manage a scenegraph for displaying layered views, draw buttons, etc., but I programmed each UI element using that scenegraph during development. Things like the dice roller views, card displays, etc., especially took quite a while to get right. In a “real” project that wasn’t constrained to seven days, those would have actually turned out a little better, sadly; they’re implemented in a bit of a kludgey fashion.

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