Dumuzid – Success

Dumuzid is finished and it’s playable in your browser.

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Dumuzid is an abstract, 1HP roguelike. It’s got a bit of an ancient Sumerian theme, but it’s lightweight.

The idea behind this game was: what if the player/monsters weren’t just 1 tile wide? In the above screenshot, the player consists of 23 tiles. This can lead to some crazy situations.

One cool thing about the game is that it should be really easy to get into. EVERYTHING is accomplished through 4-directional movement.  Once in game, there are no menus, modals, or text whatsoever. That doesn’t mean the game is shallow. In fact, there are 7 spells and an inventory (and that’s without any HUD or menus)!  The combat can be surprisingly tense. The mechanics might be a little weird, but this year I caved and wrote a “How to play” which can be viewed from the title menu.

There’s a score system too and I spent most of the last day adding really cool leaderboards.

This is my 3rd 7DRL (previously I made Golden Krone Hotel and A False Saint, An Honest Rogue). I’ve already been told this game is more compelling than my last one. Go figure.

Protip: use a library if you can. I used rot.js this time and instead of pulling my hair out I’m finishing 14 hours early.

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