Korz-RL (finished)

I blogged on http://korzgame.wordpress.com while the game was in development (at least in the early days of development 😉 ). Visit that blog for the download link.

Here’s a short YouTube gameplay video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=C4aheA55JQM

I completed my first ever 7DRL entry in time. It is written in Java 7 and so requires a modern Java runtime. The ASCII graphics are emulated, with the help of Trystan’s excellent AsciiPanel component.

screenshot1 screenshot2 screenshot3 screenshot4

The game is based on Apogee’s late 80’s/early ’90s Kroz series of action games. Being a 7DRL entry, I added a turn-based RogueLike-mode, you can switch back/forth between action and RL mode with a press of a button. Spells can only be cast in RL-mode though, in Action mode the hero is too busy running to remember those spells 😉

I really wish I had more hours available to work on the level generator and have a RogueLike-worthy field of vision and enemy AI, but my clock did not agree with me. Still, I am glad I finished something. I had not programmed a game in ages.

I have not tested the game on any other machine than my own, so I have no idea how it will run on non-i7/Windows machines. Note also that the default key binding requires the Keypad, many keyboards do not have those anymore (at least laptops and Mac users AFAIK). You can redefine the keys though.

Keeping the 7DRL spirit, I do not plan to do major updates on the game, but I will try to fix nasty bugs when I hear of them.

Please let me know what you think.

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